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Episode 7: Fast and Slow Edit Moves in Improv

Episode 7: Fast and Slow Edit Moves in Improv

How does your neurodiversity (especially top-down and bottom-up thinking) affect the way you edit, and how and when you do so in a scene or set?

This episode was inspired by a discussion I had with another improviser about fast and slow edit moves. They were told by a teammate to edit faster. The answer I gave them was a bit of an opinionated monologue infodump, and I was told I should turn that monologue into a podcast.

So here we are.

What we're talking about today is edit moves, with focus on the speed of those edit moves and what it might have to do with your neurotype (ALL neurotypes. This means YOU.) That once you are confident and comfortable editing, and the form and style support it, edit moves can be dictated both by how you process information (bottom-up or top-down thinking), and preference.

They are different ways of editing. You might do both, and they’re both valid - what’s your default? What’s YOUR preference? Does it matter?

Let’s get niche. Go listen.

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Neurodiversity and Improv - Podcast & Articles
Neurodiversity and Improv
A podcast about learning and performing improv as, or with, neurodivergent performers. Episodes are about how being neurodivergent affects scenework and sets, acting and performance, teaching and coaching, teams, and learning (being a neurodivergent improv student).
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